Plan, act and empower

The scale of the problem is large
and resources are limited:

careful planning is essential to ensure that on-ground activities
are undertaken in strategic areas where the need is greatest.


The Habitat 141° Landscape Conservation Plan provides a
framework for action across the
Habitat 141° landscape
that is grounded in the best available knowledge, mapping and analysis, identifying priorities for action and suggesting priority project areas for landscape linkage programs. 



Extensive planning and analysis has been undertaken at various
scales to identify priorities for on-ground action. Within priority areas, more localised planning workshops are undertaken that engage people in an ongoing dialogue of planning and action. 


These workshops bring ecologists together with practitioners and landholders, and have proven to be an essential tool for stimulating partnerships and enabling effective action on the ground.



The Habitat 141° Landscape Conservation Plan provides a blueprint
for action that is agreed to by all alliance members.


The vision of Habitat 141° is to work with communities to conserve, restore and connect habitats for plants and wildlife on a landscape scale from the ocean to the outback.