Murray Mallee linkages


The Murray Mallee region has suffered disproportionate loss of
habitats associated with shallow sands and more fertile soils.

These habitats are important for nationally threatened fauna species such as the Malleefowl, Mallee Emu-wren, Red-lored Whistler and Western Whipbird.  Arid woodland habitats are critically important for species such as the White-browed Treecreeper and Regent Parrot.

Reconstruction of shallow sands mallee communities (such as Woorinen Sands Mallee) and reconnecting the large mallee parks with smaller remnants on private land is an important action for the conservation of these and many other mallee species.  The large mallee parks are particularly susceptible to large bushfires that can wipe out core populations. 

The issue will likely become much more severe as climate change progresses. 

Carefully constructed wildlife corridors will enable recolonization of large mallee parks from surrounding private bushland areas.  The medium-term vision here is to reconnect Billiat Conservation Park with Murray Sunset National Park.