Wimmera Woodlands and Wetlands
(Zone 2)

The south-west Wimmera region provides critical habitat for a
diverse range of threatened woodland birds such as the southeastern Red-tailed Black Cockatoo, Brown Treecreeper, Hooded Robin and Diamond Firetail. 

Disproportionate loss of open grassy woodland habitats such as the iconic Buloke Woodlands in this area have contributed to the declines of many bird species.  Clearing and conversion of wetlands and woodland habitats is an ongoing problem for many threatened wetland birds. 

Habitat 141° partners are particularly active in this region, securing long term conservation covenants on high value woodland and wetland remnants.  A number of large-scale revegetation projects have already been completed to link conservation reserves and reinstate depleted woodland habitats. 

The long term vision in this area is to reconnect the Little Desert National Park to the Grampians and Dergholm state parks.


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